Welcome back to the 70´s... Smokie Revival Band door to Smokie!
THE BAND The original Smokie started their worldwide career in 1975: Having 13 Top Ten hits and being awarded 3 golden 'Bravo Otto's between '75 and '81 in Germany, they became one of the most succsessful bands of the time. The Smokie Revival Band: As Smokie fans themselves, from their early youth, the members of the Smokie Revival Band provide a special concert experience for those who love the Smokie sound and their many hit songs. With their faithful, note perfect and true arrangements, 70's instruments and perfect harmonies – the band give you the feeling that time is standing still. Nostalgic and full of lifeblood with songs such as ''Mexican Girl'', ''Wild Wild Angels'', ''I'll Meet You at Midnight'', ''Needles and Pins'' or ''Don't Play Your Rock 'n' Roll to Me'', the band invites the audience on a journey through time which bring back many memories of a decade without the internet – to a time where consuming a few TV shows and visits to concerts was then the only way to get to see your idols. With a 120 minute completely "live" performed show, the Smokie Revival Band guides you through seven successful years of a band whose songs are now seen as “classics” - an unforgettable experience. Who doesn't know hits such as "If You Think You Know How to Love Me", "Lay Back in the Arms of Someone", "Oh Carol", "For a Few Dollars More" and of course "Living Next Door to Alice"? These are songs that easily captivate an enthusiastic audience and are instant and catchy tunes that have more than proven the test of time. But that's not all - songs which Smokie themselves never ever performed "live" on stage are also presented by the Smokie Revival Band and will astonish even the most sceptical of Smokie fans. Sadly in 1995 Smokie singer Alan Barton passed away as a result of a road accident in Germany, "Smokie" had to find a new lead singer. They, "Smokie", had heard of Matthias Beringer, who was already well known for his characteristic gravelly voice, he now found himself on the shortlist, during the election process for a replacement singer, but they eventually chose someone nearer to home. So Matthias searched for experienced musicians and finally founded the Smokie Revival Band with drummer and friend Armin Scherf. Since their formation, the band has built up a steady reputation and are now considered a top-act. This band knows how to work an audience, as the press and media reports all show and the entries in the guestbook impressively confirm. As a result, international bookings followed, sharing the billing with well known bands such as "Sailor", "The Rubettes", "The Equals", "DJ Bobo". As an extra highlight and to top it all, the original Smokie guitarist Alan Silson contacted the band and has often used the Smokie Revival Band, due to their authentic Smokie sound, as his own chosen backing band. on shows in Europe!
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